One of the best features of Joomla is the ability to change the look, feel and functionality of the software to match your exact requirements and preferences. Although the ability to do this is fairly standard across all major content management systems there are still many smaller applications that have yet to include these options, which is one of the benefits that sets Joomla apart from them.

Although the option to completely overhaul the look of Joomla is available to all who use the software it may not be easily achievable due to the specific knowledge required to do so. In order to create a Joomla theme of your own a good knowledge of HTML, CSS and a general understanding of web based coding is a requirement. Obviously this is something that not everyone possesses and is often best left in the hands of trained web developers.

Should you want to modify the look of your Joomla powered website but not possess the web development ability to do so, you have the option of using pre-made Joomla themes.


Joomla Themes

Joomla themes are pre-made designs that have been created by various web developers for use by anyone running a Joomla powered website. Pre-made themes are great for those who use web hosting for Joomla and either do not possess the ability to create one on their own or those who would prefer to be up and running quickly without having to spend the long time periods creating one.

A quick search of web will provide literally thousands of Joomla themes to choose from with results showing for both freely available themes and commercial themes. Choosing the right one for you can be a time consuming task due to just how many are available, but if you limit your search down to some of the higher quality providers you should be able to find one in no time at all.

The following is a list of some of the best places to find pre-made Joomla themes:
Rocket Theme
Joomla Shack

Prices for Joomla themes change based on the provider however the average is generally between the $0-$50 range and will also differ based on the number of features and variations included.

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