Joomla is a powerful content management system with a solid base code that is already optimized for search engine visibility. Although the base of Joomla is well defined for search engine optimization  however, just like all other content management systems, it is not perfect. There are many ways to increase the SEO power of your Joomla based website, both on page and off page methods, and also through the use of extensions.

There are many different extensions available for Joomla, some of which hold a strong emphasis towards search engine optimization and higher visibility of your content.
The below extensions are completely free to download and should be plugged in to your Joomla powered website for further optimization.

SEO Links SEO Links is a great extension for managing and creating on site linking between various pages and content. The extension has an administration panel that allows you to set up a list of words or phrases that, if found anywhere on your site, will link to a URL that you assign in the administration panel. The bonus about SEO links is that not only will the extension increase your search engine optimization but it also provides an easy way for visitors to find new content on your website.

Joomla Easy Ping Joomla Easy Ping is a great tool for notifying search engines that you have updated your site, which allows for quicker crawling and indexing. This extension also automatically creates a search engine friendly xml sitemap, which is an easy way for search engines to better see the structure for your site and better crawl your content and pages.

Title Manager Title Manager is a popular Joomla, SEO based extension, that assists in optimizing the way that your pages titles are displayed. Using this extension you can set a custom page title for your home page and choose where the site title is displayed (e.g before or after your content titles). The best thing about the Title Manager extension is the ability to remove the “home” display on your index page which ultimately increases the search engine optimization for that page.

Using the above combination of extensions with the Joomla CMS is a great way to further optimize the base code of Joomla to increase your pages search engine rankings and performance. Of course there are many other SEO based extensions available for Joomla, some work well while others not so well.

In conjunction with these extensions you must also continue to update your website with regular and unique content. These extensions are made to build upon, and improve the optimisation of your content.