Step 1

Involves logging in to your web hosting account via FTP (filezilla is a popular, free program) and downloading all the Joomla files to your desktop. To avoid losing your Joomla backups it is highly advised to keep files both on your computer and / or USB stick / CD just in case.


Step 2

In order to backup your database you need to access your hosting control panel and launch phpMyAdmin.

phpmyadmin How To Back Up Joomla

Select your database.
If you do have multiple databases make sure the database corresponding to Joomla is selected.

select database How To Back Up Joomla

You will see a screen similar to the following with all the tables from the database listed.

database screenshot How To Back Up Joomla

Click on the export tab.

export database How To Back Up Joomla

Other than the “add drop table” which needs to be turned on all default settings should remain as they are.

add drop table How To Back Up Joomla

Finally, Select the “Save as file” option and click go.

database save How To Back Up Joomla

Congratulations – you have just achieved a full backup your Joomla website.