What are Joomla extensions?

Extensions have opened up the Joomla content management system enabling it to be used for thousands of different purposes.

These extensions allow Joomla to be used for everything from classified ads, google ads, calculators, forms, forums, newsletter, polls, directories, photo galleries and much, much more. For a more detailed list of extensions see the Joomla Extension Directory


A few points of advice.

Check out the editor’s extension pick, as well as most popular extensions and top rated extensions for what you need first. Joomla has allowed users of extensions to vote and leave comments regarding any extension that is released to their website. Be sure to read this information before downloading anything. Of particular importance take note of the rating(out of 5 stars) and the user reviews.


Where can I find these Joomla Extensions?

Easy! the Joomla website has a list more than 3500 extensions available for download through their website. See the Joomla Extension Directory.

When you do find the exact extension you’ve been looking for it’s courteous to let other members know by writing a short review. Let others know if you encountered any problems in the user review section. You may even find someone contacting you with a resolution to your problem. This is the knowledge that keeps the Joomla community growing.

You can probably start to see now how powerful Joomla really is. The development to this cms is far from being over and with constant updates you can definently run a fast, clean and secure website with just about anything you want. Imagination is the key!

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